Week 7

  1. Research emerging trends and innovations that are relevant to your selected project and target audience. Add your research to the Ideas Wall and elaborate on your blog.
  2. Create one clear positioning (mission) statement to outline your project goal and how you will address the strategy already outlined in your project plan. Your positioning (mission) statement should show evidence of how trends (and other emergent fields of practice) can be evaluated, to ensure the direction of your strategy is effectively aligned to your project requirements. Please ensure your approach is innovative, original and brings new insights to the given subject area. Upload your positioning (mission) statement to your blog.
  3. Develop three different mood boards (with written captions) to contextualise your research into emerging trends and how they are appropriate to your positioning (mission) statement and target audience. Upload your mood boards to your blog.
  4. Select one mood board and upload it to the Ideas Wall to gain feedback and record the feedback on your blog.

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